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Our digital literacy curriculum is composed of basic instruction on several crucial platforms. The end goal of our program is to adequately prepare clients for career services programs, such as resume writing, professional communication, and more. Our workshops are interactive and dynamic, meaning that they can always be adapted to fit your clients' needs.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Computer Basics

This workshop will offer instruction about how to navigate the basic functions of a computer and its relevant equipment.

Image by Brett Jordan
Email Basics

The Email Basics workshop offers instruction on how to sign up for an email, how to send an email, how to write an email and etiquette, and online safety.

Image by Christian Wiediger
GSuite 1: Google Drive, Docs, and Calendar

This workshop provides an overview of Google Drive, Google Doc functions, and Google Calendar functions.

Image by iyus sugiharto

This workshop provides instruction about how to operate the Zoom video conferencing platform, which has emerged as the pinnacle of communication in the virtual workplace.

Zoom Basics
Image by Brett Jordan
GSuite 2: Google Sheets and Slides

This workshop picks up from GSuite 1 with an overview of the functions of Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Internet Basics

This workshop covers the fundamental knowledge needed to use the Internet, including online searching and safe internet practices.

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