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About TechUp Baltimore

Image by Brendan Beale

Tech literacy refers to a person’s ability to use the technology needed to do their work with comfort and ease. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to shift to remote working and video meetings that require some tech literacy skills. There are many benefits to this such as job satisfaction, better use of data, and overall a less rigid schedule. Yet, people experiencing homeless may not have access to the technology needed to grow these skills. Given the existing hardships and disadvantages in the job market,  learning tech literacy skills would help increase the amount and types of jobs this population can apply for. This can also be applied to any population that struggles with tech literacy skills such as people from low income areas, older adults, and those re-entering into society. While growing in tech literacy cannot break down every barrier, having basic tech literacy skills brings us one step closer to an inclusive job market.


We have partnered with several Baltimore community organizations since 2020 to provide digital literacy workshops. We have led instruction related to Gmail, Zoom, and various computer basics, but we are looking to expand our curriculum suite.​

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