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How can you partner with TechUp?

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To partner with TechUp, please fill out our Partnership Request Form below. You can also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


Our Daily Bread

We are honored to be working with Our Daily Bread Employment Center, found in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. 


My Sister's Place

At the sister organization to Our Daily Bread, we offer our services to women advancing their technological and employment skills.


Baltimore First at Cornerstone Community Housing

In partnership with JHU Baltimore First, we offer our curriculum to the men at Cornerstone as they work towards digital literacy.


Weinberg Housing & Resource Center

At Weinberg Housing & Resource Center, we offer our services to adult men and women seeking to improve their technological and employment skills. 


My Brother's Keeper

In the Irvington community, we offer our services to community residents seeking to improve their digital knowledge.

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